Multimedia introduction

In this article, we will give multimedia introduction and explain various multimedia components like image, audio, video and animation.

1. Multimedia introduction
2. Components of Multimedia

Definition of Multimedia

Multimedia is composed of two names “Multi” and “Media”. “Multi” means “many” and “media” means to communicate using some channel. So, multimedia is a combination of many types of media like image, audio, video etc. used for communication of information. Multimedia is a representation of information in an attractive manner with the use of text, audio, video, animation etc.

Components of Multimedia

1. Images

Images make the multimedia application attractive. People usually do not like reading large amount of text on the screen. So, images are a good way to explain a concept in a more attractive and easy way. Images can be captured from digital cameras, scanners etc. Images are stored in computer in the formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG etc.

2. Audio

A multimedia application may require the use of speech, music and sound effects. These are called audio or sound element of multimedia.Speech is also a perfect way for teaching. Audio are of analog and digital types. Analog audio or sound refers to the original sound signal. Computer stores the sound in digital form. Therefore, the sound used in multimedia application is digital audio and is stored in computers in formats like MP3, FLP etc.

3. Video

Video is a moving picture with a combination of images and audio. It gives a lot of information in small duration of time. Video is useful in multimedia application for showing real life objects. Videos are stored in computer with formats such as MP4, MOV etc.

4. Animation

Animation is a process of making a static image look like it is moving. An animation is just a continuous series of still images that are displayed in a sequence. The animation can be used effectively for attracting attention. Animation also makes a presentation light and attractive. Animation is very popular in multimedia application and is stored in computers in formats like MPEG.

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