Computer Basics

Welcome to the Computer Basics guidance page of Tech-Guidance. Here you will find many basics and intermediate topics.

After completing this you will find yourself at moderate level of expertise in the knowledge of computer basics from where you can take yourself to the next level.

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Multimedia introduction

In this article, we will give multimedia introduction and explain various multimedia components like image, audio, video and animation. Highlights:1. Multimedia introduction2. Components of Multimedia Definition of Multimedia Multimedia is ...
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Types of Computer Networks

In this article, we will study about various types of computer networks. Highlights:1. What is Computer Networking2. Types of Computer Networks What is Computer Networking? A computer network is a ...
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Introduction to Software Engineering

In this article we will study introduction of Software Engineering and the stages involved in SDLC. Highlights:1. What is Software Engineering2. Stages in SDLC3. Survey4. Investigation and fact recording5. Software ...
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Types of Computer Software

Software is a program or set of instructions which is designed to perform a specific function. In simple terms, data and instructions in a software tells the computer how to ...
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Types of Memory in Computer

A memory is just like a human brain. It is used to store data and instructions. Computer memory is the storage space in the computer which is divided into large ...
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Output unit of computer

Output unit of computer contains various forms of output devices. In this article we will study about different output devices like monitor, printer and speaker. Highlights:1. Monitor and its types2 ...
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Input unit of computer

Input unit of computer system contains many input devices. Input device is used to feed or enter data into the computer system. Examples of input devices are Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, ...
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Types of Computer

The different types of computer can be classified on the basis of a factor like on the basis of size, on the basis of purpose and on the basis of ...
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Generations of Computer

The word computer was derived many decades ago. It took a lot of years to reach at this stage of computer. Computer generations are based on when major technological changes ...
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Introduction to Computers

In this article, I will give introduction to the basics of Computers, its components, definition and working model of computer. Highlights1. What is Computer?2. Components of Computer3. Block diagram/ Architecture ...
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