Types of Computer Software

Software is a program or set of instructions which is designed to perform a specific function. In simple terms, data and instructions in a software tells the computer how to work. Let’s understand types of software.

Types of Software in Computer

1. Application Software

Application software is the software designed to satisfy a particular need of a particular environment. All the applications (apps) that we use in our daily life come under this category. Examples of application software are MS-Word, MS-Excel, Railways reservation software, Income tax software etc.

2. System Software

System software is a collection of programs designed to operate and control the computer itself. System softwares com within the system which are generally prepared by the computer manufacturers. Some examples of system software are Operating System, Compilers, Interpreter, Assemblers, etc. We will deeply study various system software one by one.

2.1 Operating System

An Operating system is a system software that acts as an interface between the user and computer hardware. Some of the examples of Operating System are MS-Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, MacOS etc.

Operating system software in computer

Main functions of Operating system are:

  • Memory Management
  • Processor Management
  • Device Management
  • File Management
  • Security

2.2 Compiler

Compiler is a software which converts a program written in high level language (Source Language) to low level language (Object/Target/Machine Language) which computer can understand. Compiler reads the complete source program written in high level language in one go and converts into Object program.

2.3 Assembler

The Assembler is used to translate the program written in Assembly language into machine code. It translates the source program line by line into object program.


2.4 Interpreter

An interpreter is a computer program that is used to directly execute/run the source program written in high-level language. It does not translate the source program into object program like compiler or assembler but it directly executes the program.

2.5 Linker and Loader

A linker is a software that is used to combine different modules/parts of object code into one single executable code program.
A loader is a piece of software that chooses exactly where to put object code in RAM in order to execute it. It actually loads the executable code into memory.

System software types in computer - Linker and Loader

3. Utility Software

These software analyse and maintain a computer to enable its smooth functioning. System utility software improves the function of computer to help users perform multiple tasks efficiently. The example of utility software is Anti virus which protects the computer from Virus.

computer virus is a type of program that replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code. It destroys the proper functioning of computer.
Anti-Virus is a software used to prevent, detect and remove virus from computer. Examples of Anti-Virus software are Norton, McAfee etc.

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