Types of Computer

The different types of computer can be classified on the basis of a factor like on the basis of size, on the basis of purpose and on the basis of functionality. So, first of all let’s see the classification of computers:

Types of computer

1. Types of Computer – On the basis of Size

On the basis of size there are mainly three types of computer:

1. Super computer: Super computers are one of the fastest computers currently available. These computers are very expensive and used where very complex calculations are needed. For example, computer used in weather forecasting is a super computer.
2. Mini Computer: It is a midsize multi-processing system capable of supporting up to 250 users simultaneously. These are mainly used in business accounting, scientific calculations etc.
3. Micro computer: Micro computers are the small sized computers used for doing daily routine work. For example, desktop, laptop etc.

Types of computer – On the basis of purpose

There are following two types of computer on the basis of purpose:

1. General purpose computer: General purpose computers are designed to perform a variety of tasks. They can store many programs to do different work but they have less speed and efficiency. For example, the computers which we use on daily basis are all general purpose computers.
2. Specific purpose computer: A specific purpose computer is used to perform a specific task. For example, computers used in weather forecasting, satellite launch etc are specific purpose computers.

Types of computer – On the basis of functionality

On the basis of functionality, there are three types of computers:

1. Analog computers: These computers are designed to process the analog data. Analog data is a continuous data which changes continuously. For example, speedometer.
2. Digital computers: A computer that performs calculations and logical operations with quantities represented as digits. All the modern computers or laptops which we use in our home or office are digital computers.
3. Hybrid computers: These computers are the combination of analog and digital computers.

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